Before entering Uldaman (U) we must follow these steps:

  1. Start in Ironforge (IF). I will share Ironband Wants You! (IWY), Badlands Reagent Run (BRR), Reclaimed Treasures (RT), and The Lost Dwarves (TLD).
  2. Flight to Loch Modan (LM).
  3. Go to (65,65) to finish IWY and get Find Agamond (FA).
  4. Go to B, gates of U.
  5. Kill dwarves at the gates of U until one of them drops Shattered Necklace. This will start the quest The Shattered Necklace (TSN).
  6. Kill coyotes, rock elementals and buzzards in B to finish BRR.
  7. Find Agmond (50,70) to finish the quest FA.
  8. Get the quest A Sign of Hope (ASOH) at (53,34).
  9. Get the quest Power Stones (PS) at (42,43).
  10. Get the quest Solution to Doom (STD), in southern Badlands.
  11. Use the Heartstone to return to IF.
  12. Speak with TdK in IF (36,3) to finish TSN.
  13. I already have 5 silver bars for each of us so we can finish Lore for a Price (LFAP).
  14. Get the quest Back to Uldaman.
  15. Flight to LM.
  16. Finish BRR in order to get Uldaman Reagent Run (URR).
  17. Go again to (65,65) to finish FA and get Agmond's Fate (AF).

At the end, we will have eight quests for U:

There is a nineth quest obtained after the chained quest ASOH: Passing Word of a Threat (PWOAT).
Also, there is a tenth quest obtained inside U, The Platinum Discs (TPD). We need to be level 40 to get it.
Our enchanter should be ready to meet her trainer inside Uldaman.

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